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Independent contractor agreements

are not enough to sustain compliance of 

a contingent workforce.




every day interactions


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Our fully-customized training seminars educate your office staff on the nuances of worker classification in order to ensure that the company-worker arrangement is reflected through daily operations. We offer seminars on-site as well as virtual webinars to educate your staff on this important topic in the most convenient way possible.

It would be unfathomable not to provide safety or harassment training for your office staff and, with increased scrutiny of worker relationships and the drastic consequences of misclassification, training your staff on proper interactions with contractors should be a top priority as well.



With decades of contingent-workforce and training experience, author Russell Hollrah and his colleagues provide fully-customized training sessions, tailored exclusively to your organization and its needs.

Popular Topics

  • Structuring defensible independent-contractor arrangements
  • Multi-state compliance strategies for HR professionals
  • Implementing effective policies to avoid unintentional integration and control of independent contractors
  • Successfully managing the unique independent-contractor business relationship
  • Proper vetting of prospective independent contractors

Seminar Formats

  • Virtual webinar
  • On-site
  • Off-site at a location of your choosing
  • Lecture-style
  • Panel discussion
  • Half- or full-day


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