Helping you navigate contingent workforce compliance.

Hollrah’s State Guide on Independent Contractors

The only resource of its kind that details the worker classification laws in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


Everything you need to know to comply with state unemployment tax laws, worker classification, and statutes pertaining to your contingent workforce. Available in print and online.

Alternate Staffing – Federal Guide

The federal guide companion to Hollrah’s State Guide on Independent Contractors.

This guide is the leading source for comprehensive and timely information on federal laws governing independent contractors and other forms of nontraditional worker relationships. Alternate Staffing is the federal companion to Hollrah’s State Guide on Independent Contractors.

About the Author

Russel Hollrah, AttorneyRussell A. Hollrah is an “AV”-rated attorney with a national practice dedicated to employee benefits, employment taxes, and the specific application of those laws to contingent workers, such as independent contractors and leased employees. He advises firms on structuring relationships with contingent workers, either directly or through a third-party firm. He also defends companies against challenges to their treatment of workers as non-employees. His clients include both the companies for which contingent workers perform services as well as the companies that engage workers and refer or assign them to perform services for other companies. His practice covers both federal and state laws.